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Carmen in Kuwait? Bizet would have been proud!

Georges Bizet's Carmen - Poster

Bizet's Carmen Opera - Performed in Kuwait Radisson Blu Hotel

For those who don’t know. Carmen is the main character in an Opera masterpiece written by Georges Bizet in the 19th century and he died before knowing his Opera would become very famous.

I am extremely excited about world class events coming to kuwait though it is very heavy for the pocket book in my opinion specially when taking other family members. I am personally not going due to the exaggerated fee of 16KD/person. A part of my love for opera in general or any other form of classic singing or dance like ballet is coming from growing up with my mother being the influential character in loving these things. Ok enough said, here’s some info about the event. And post some reviews if you happen to go.

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel
Organized by Kuwait Chamber Philharmonia
Date: 11 December 2010
Time: 8 pm
Ticket: 16KD
For Tickets: call hotel on 25673000 or visit the Virgin Megastore

Carmen’s Character will be performed by Alicja Wegorzewska – Whiskerd with other international Soloists for the other characters.

Kuwait – Korean cultural event (male Break Dancers) in 2009

Kuwait Korean Cultural Event - Male Break Dancers

Kuwait Korean Cultural Event - Male Break Dancers

I just found out about this from flickr, and it’s kinda interesting for me to know about this type of ‘modern’ events happening in kuwait, even if it took place one year back. Looks like music is smoothly making its way to this spot of the world. Don’t you think?

The below description between quotation marks taken from the photo posted on flickr

“Korean and Kuwaiti male Break Dancers with traditional Korean music merged together on one stage in harmony at Dasma Theater in Kuwait last night 20 Oct 2009 . Korean and Kuwaiti embassies areĀ  organizing a Cultural week to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Korea.

The administration will hold cultural events,trade and investment fairs in seven Arab countries from ( in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon.)Oct. 14 to 27 in an effort to foster friendship and mutual understanding.”

About Kuwait’s music

Kuwait Music is an important and integral part of the culture of Kuwait and the people of this country are believed to be great music lovers.

Music of Kuwait
Even though Kuwait has been greatly affected by the number of wars, the people of Kuwait seek their mental peace from their native music. The native music of Kuwait is very distinct. The native or old Kuwait Music is soothing and pleasant. It is a product of the fusion of the East African Music and the traditional Indian Music. This kind of music was introduced in this Arab country by the initial traders and merchants of Kuwait.

Sawt in Kuwait
Sawt is an important part of Kuwait Music, which is a modern musical form. This was popularized in Kuwait by the famous performer Shadi Al Khaleej. The present day popular sawt artistes of Kuwait are Nabil Shaeil and Abdullah El Rowaished.
Important facts about Kuwait Music
Music is also an integral part of the women lifestyle in Kuwait. Women are mostly seen singing and dancing on weddings and other important occasions and festivals. Al-Fann is known to be the most popular wedding song in Kuwait. Al Arda Al Bahariya and Mawled are the other popular songs of Kuwait.

Kuwait Music today, has been considerably influenced by the different types of modern musical forms as a large number of foreigners reside in Kuwait.

source – google (http://www.mapsofworld.com/kuwait/people-culture-festivals/music.html)

Old and latest Arabic music audio site

Here’s a really nice site for a all Arabic music lovers.


you can choose the singer, his album and the particular song. I dont know how long has this site been existing, but I just discovered it today. check it out.

Every Friday – Live Band at Applebee’s Fintas

Live Band Auditions - Applebee's Fintas Kuwait - Poster

Live Band Auditions - Applebee's Fintas Kuwait - Poster

Has anyone been to the Applebee’s Fintas on a Friday night? Apparently they have a band playing live music there Live Band Auditions there at 8pm Friday nights. I found out about it on theĀ  965malls blog.

Stepping Stones – From 1979 till date

Started in 1979 & still going strong, Stepping Stones is a band that has created a name for itself over the last 27 years with an undying energy and enthusiasm. Their live performances have a sincere passion, to spark off music lovers or critics alike.


Angelo Fernandez- Lead Vocals
Duarte Ferrao- Keyboards
Rafio Gonsalves- Lead Guitar
Keith Fernandez – Drums
Frank CamiloGenre – bass

Covering different genre of music (House, hip-hop, R&B & Trance), Stepping Stones has been named as one of the best bands in Kuwait.


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